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Biographie I said, "Crow, I don't have enough strength to get rid of you now. Would you like to make a shallow hit and follow me for the time being?" The action that the crow kills to tidy up the hair paused and did not speak. I know that, as the strongest person in the space department, I really wronged him by letting him only make a shallow hit. OK He said, and then he looked up and saw me dumbfounded and said with a smile, "After all, I am your knife." …… "Kill, why are you suddenly so literary?" I burst into tears at him. "You make people want to cry!" He was suddenly pushed by me, and his forehead burst out at N crossroads: "Don't call me that!" Seven days later, I walked out of the study. According to a little beauty who brought me food, Orochimaru had now occupied the body of a teenager named Huan You Maru. Chakra had not fully recovered and was taking good care of himself. And Dou is naked in a room opposite Kaguya Kimimaro. It should be said that Kimimaro stripped off his clothes and lay on the bed with his hands in his pockets. Cong Niang: I, I, I can't find anything to say. I went to Orochimaru's room under the guidance of a bit player, Otoshinobu. This guy has become a mummy with bandages all over his body. His room was dimly lit by only a wall lamp. To be exact, the whole base looks like a ghost. Have you learned that skill? Orochimaru saw me coming and asked in a hoarse voice. To be exact, I have improved. I put my hands on my hips in the shape of a teapot. "I found in the scroll left by the red copper armor that Chakra attraction is not fully developed, and it still has many loopholes.". It took me seven days to fill in the holes one by one,stainless steel tile edge trim, and to do experiments on my knife, and found that the chakra in my body could change its nature at will. My original attributes were Wind and Fire, but I used that tiny amount of Chakra to launch a Tudun Rock Collapse. "Didn't you destroy my study?" There was a tremor in Orochimaru's voice. I winked at him and said, "Uncle Snake, give me some test subjects so I can continue to develop new techniques." Orochimaru touched his chin and said thoughtfully, "Well, when things are arranged for Sasuke,stainless steel edge trim, I'll let you take over the South Secret.". Most of the subjects there are prepared for Chakra research, which should be more suitable for the technique you want to develop. Now, I'm going to give you a few chakra-rich subjects from the base. When you have enough chakras to convert multiple attributes, I will teach you some other attributes of Ninjutsu. "That's all for now." I snapped my fingers, then grinned grimly, rushed up and hugged Orochimaru, who was unable to move at the moment. At the moment when Orochimaru's brain crashed, I rubbed some tofu hard and ran back. "La-la-la, the taste of embracing the Queen's attack is really beautiful." …… "Haruhito!"! Why don't you clean up my study? Orochimaru's voice came faintly from the distance, and my mother hummed a ditty as she ran, planning to go to prison to pick up a few little beauties, suck out their chakras, and take good care of them. Terrible..) 。“ You Have you been infected by Orochimaru? The black Taidao crow, aluminum tile edge trim ,aluminum tile trim, tied to my back, said in silence, "So perverted." "Today the weather is fine, the scenery is beautiful everywhere, the butterflies are busy, the bees are busy, the birds are busy and the white clouds are busy.." The answer to this knife is my seriously out of tune and rampage voice. It is said that this song makes the nervous subjects in the cell feel a surge of emotion, some of which are more intense, foaming at the mouth, falling to the ground.. OTZ。 Looks like it's like a magic sound piercing the ear? Many experimental subjects all sighed: "It is indeed the village of Yin Ren..." I picked up three middle-aged men from prison, and I wanted to see the beautiful little man. As a result, Orochimaru's aesthetic view is too different from that of ordinary people. I picked for two hours, and all I saw were middle-aged uncles with thick hair and twisted muscles, which made me embarrassed again and again. In the end, I picked three that I could see and ran out of the lab.
He tied the person firmly with a binding mechanism specially designed by Orochimaru, and then sucked the person's chakra clean. Chakra is a special power formed by the combination and sublimation of physical energy and spiritual energy. Once it dries up, the ninja will die. When I sucked all the chakras out of the three subjects, the three uncles died. The crow behind sighed and said hypocritically, "Life is a hero, and death is a ghost hero.". Uncles, you go all the way! I want to give him a dirty look, but unfortunately his eyes are not on the back of his head. I had no choice but to follow him to open three black chrysanthemums on the ground, which aroused my wireless reverie. After fusing the chakras of the three people and accumulating them, I went to find Orochimaru again. By this time, he had almost run in with the container and could walk freely. I didn't clean up the study I had made a mess of, so I went in carefully, but it seemed that I had gone to the wrong room, and as soon as I put my head close to it, I saw a snow-white chest. When I looked up, it was Kaguya Kimimaro, a beauty who had seen him in the Nakanobu exam and was suffering from minor illnesses. Uh. I swallowed the saliva and continued to eat his tofu with my eyes. Kimimaro seemed to be unable to stand my hungry wolf-like eyes. He turned his head and said to the man behind him, "Then, Dou, I will go to meet the distinguished guest of Lord Orochimaru in person." Finish saying, still mercilessly coughed a few times, let me that heartache. After Kimimaro left, I saw the pharmacist pocket that controlled a pair of medical instruments in the inner room. Miss Haruhi. Turning his head, his round eyes flashed a highlight. "Interested in medical ninjutsu?"? Do you want to be a medical ninja? To be honest, the dim light, the strange instruments, the bottle dripping with green liquid, and a medical geek who is not grinning a few times,metal trim manufacturers, I have the illusion of meeting Jack the Ripper. "That." I spoke weakly, "I.." Very interested. I'm interested in seeing beautiful men with bare breasts. As a result, Ahe was led by the fox to the hospital's eccentric road of no return. Vol.42 Tears should be shed when old friends meet again. 
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