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Biographie "How dare you?" Yifeng's perfunctory voice is the most hateful, but I dare not provoke the single phoenix eyes, how can I know you two brothers? Depressed. Depressed. I don't know which guy came to give gifts again. Seeing our nervous anger, I smiled awkwardly, put down the gifts in a hurry, and ran away without a registration number. No one will break my gift again! Hold the gift happily and open it happily. Whoa! It's so beautiful! It's a big cat's eye! I showed it to them with great joy, but all three of them ignored me. You always treat me as a treasure, but now you don't want me? How interesting It doesn't matter. It's good to have a gift. The men, seeing that someone had succeeded in giving gifts, began to fight on wheels one after another. After a while, I piled up a hill here! Look at people to see the flower queen is with "courtesy" appearance, these three small dig! Seeing Xu Xing, Zi Xuan, Xiao Ran and Du Jing coming towards me, I quickly got up to meet them and gave them their seats. One by one, he personally filled them with fragrant and pure wine and raised his glass to toast them: "Today, with the strong support of all of you, I would like to propose a toast to you!" "Hamburger Girl is worthy of the title of matchless flower queen!" Miaoran's demeanor praised me in a partial way. Not good! It's not that the praise is not good, but that the three men all put down their glasses and looked at me and Miaoran with their eyes hanging. It is said that jealous men are the most terrible! I have a deep understanding. Laugh at me! Let me introduce you to my.. Friend I was hit by random arrows again! I block! I can't stop it! I endure! Endure,shuttle rack system, is it done? With a strong smile, he continued to introduce them one by one: "This is Yu Sen, Yi Feng and Yi Qing." When it comes to anyone, you can hear the sound of people breathing backwards. "Respectfully.." Respectfully.. The judges were immediately respectful and polite. This is Xu Xing, Zi Xuan, Xiao Ran and the beauty Du Jing. I'll turn to the judges. Everyone is polite on some scenes. It's better to meet than to be famous! I have heard of you for a long time and so on. There are no nutritious polite words. And Xu Xing's self-mockery, saying that if he had known it was three,warehouse storage racks, where would he dare to act as the grass to protect the flowers. Du Jing, perhaps because I introduced her with the name of a beautiful woman, was particularly enthusiastic about me. She teased me and said: I only know that our flower queen is a wonderful woman who is good at singing and dancing, and who is good at poetry and songs, but I don't know that she also knows the owner of the famous Hunting Castle, and I don't know that the two owners of Fengqing House are also old acquaintances of Hamburg girls, just short of saying that they are my guests. To say, or other people's Zixuan problem, more valuable. He asked me the name of the first song I sang? He has never seen the accompaniment instrument before. Can he see it? I told Xiaoyu to bring her beloved bag, take out her mobile phone and click on the play button. The slow music flowed out again, and the close observation amazed everyone. Such a small luminous thing can actually play all kinds of beautiful music. I explained that this is a specialty of my hometown, called "mobile phone". People looked at it like a treasure and sighed that it was an eye-opener. Wonderful music quietly into the hearts of the people, so that the original noisy Kanazawa building, drive in racking system ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, gradually quiet down. At the end of the song, I went to the railing and said from the bottom of my heart: "Today is the proudest and most touching day in my life.". Because of your enthusiasm, your support, I got the title of the world's unparalleled flower queen, thank you! I bowed deeply and said, "I will keep the jewelry my friends gave me, and I will keep it carefully.". And the one hundred thousand taels of gold I got, I used it to build a shelter for vagrants here, hoping that every vagrant can be as happy as I am. Every stray animal has a warm home. After a moment of silence, an unprecedented burst of applause broke out, and the crowd shouted my name: Hamburg! After turning around, Yu Sen, Yi Feng, Yi Qing, Xu Xing, Zi Xuan, Xiao Ran and Du Jing looked at him with excitement and admiration. ???????????????????? Yes A lot of things, just like this, the more afraid you are, it will come to you. The last thing I want to see is this embarrassing situation.
Everyone has left for a long time, Xu Xing and others have left, and the three of us are still sitting in the original position, motionless. It's not that I don't want to move, but I really don't know how to move. It's getting late. I really want to rest, but how can I rest? I'm puzzled.. I'm afraid Yu Sen is so overbearing that he wants to live in my house. He treats himself as my husband! And I don't want to die young and die under the jealousy of Yifeng Yiqing. I'm so tired! Tired have to say something, let oneself lift the spirit, afraid that someone asked for rest, it is difficult to be a woman. How the hell did you find me? Yifeng took out a silver ticket and waved it in front of my eyes. Don't understand?! Look again, huh? It looks like the one I spent two days ago! Oh! Yes! That's it! There's a lip stain on it that I accidentally put on. Like a deflated rubber ball, I spread it out on my seat: "What are you doing?"! So you can find it too! You are more powerful than a wolf dog! "A wolf dog?" As soon as the phoenix's eyes were picked, the inquiry followed. A wolfhound? Hehehe. It's a very powerful animal. It's equivalent to a wolf! How dare I say it's a kind of dog! Phoenix eyes some do not believe the squint, I do not look at him, will not let him find my fundus smile! "Then how did you know I was here?" Ask Yu Sen. Find it! Whoa! So cool! Pretending to be handsome with me? Fart! For these topics without a topic, I was really sleepy, followed by a breath on the stage, a brainwave, shouting: "Dayu Xiaoyu, let's sleep!"! I'm so sleepy! The two men immediately gathered around with loyalty, but looked at me hesitantly. Let's go, I'm so tired! Pulling them away, ignoring the reaction of the three jealous men, I don't care where you sleep! The farther away from me,heavy duty metal racks, the safer I am. I really want to drink a big cup for my cleverness! Big jade small jade sorry oh, take you as an arrow target, ha ha. Complimentary eye green. 
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