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Biographie Yaya is really a sensible child, I was very moved to hear him say so, although every time to feed him to take medicine to use the strength of the milk, but she still knows the mother's pains. But tooth says again then: "But the mom of bug is pregnant, always want bug to be obedient to go to school, the teacher beats bug, bug mom is not for bug good..." It is wrong for teachers to punish students physically. But how does the tooth know that there is corporal punishment of students by teachers in the world? There are too many kinds of media nowadays, and there are too many channels for children to get information, which is impossible to guard against. Fang said that he fell asleep. I hugged him and listened to the sound of the rain outside. It seems that my husband will not come back tonight. Forget the educational principle of having children sleep independently from childhood. I will hold my baby to sleep tonight. After the detachment captain called everyone together, he picked out several of our female comrades: "You are responsible for staying behind, and the others get on the bus and go to the front line." Everyone knows why he left us alone. The women in front of us are all mothers, and the children in the family are still young. No matter how we work at ordinary times, we can't lose to our male colleagues. Now the detachment leader still can't send us to the front line of disaster relief. We looked at each other and neither of us took the initiative to fight,artificial coconut palm trees, nor did we insist on fighting side by side with our male colleagues as usual. Now our city has become a "water city". Because of its geographical location, we have to fight against drought every year. This year, because of the rain that has been falling for almost two weeks, we have to fight against floods. It is really ironic. The male colleagues all went to the levee, while we followed one phone call after another at work and drove into the city on the water to deal with one case after another. One day was like a year, and when my colleagues took over my work,silk cherry blossom tree, I almost had no strength to move out of the office. I'm sorry to interrupt. A timid voice came. Hello, what can I do for you? Without waiting for my tired brain to react, my mouth has automatically spoken the lines. Please help me get the baby back! Please, please! “……” Why such a familiar voice? I looked up sharply and saw the mentally disturbed woman standing in front of me. My scream drew out more than half of the office building, and everyone rushed up the corridor to see if there was a tragedy in the office building of the vice squad. I led the woman into my office and pounded the table with the momentum of a case: "Say, your name, home address, family members, work unit!" I just want to get my child back, faux ficus tree ,fake ficus tree, and I really don't mean any harm. I've been happy for ten days. I can't go on. Please give me back the child. Looking at her sad and tearless appearance, people who do not know the truth of the matter will certainly sympathize with the poor mother, right? But I just feel cold in my heart: this woman is not ready to give up, she is still staring at our teeth. In such a chaotic time, if she finds the opportunity to do something, there is no place to buy regret medicine. What is the name of your child? Holding my breath, I asked her as gently as I could, hoping to understand her family affairs. If you can't dispel her delusions, at least find her family and ask them to take care of her. His name is Chenchen, and everyone calls him the little prince. Speaking of the child, her expression calmed down. "He is such a lovely and intelligent child. Everyone says he is a good child.". It's all my fault that I have to send him to school early. Whoo, whoo.. Speaking of sadness, she began to cry again. Was the child lost or abducted while he was at school? The social order is really terrible now. Have you ever called the police after the child was lost? No, I didn't call the police. I know where he is.
"She said nervously." Isn't he at your house? Will you bring him out and give him back to me? "You madman!" Reminding myself that I was in the workplace, I couldn't control my anger. "I'm warning you once. Fang is my son. If you want to hit him again, I'll put you in a sandbelt to bet on the levee!"! Do you understand me? My roar once again attracted the attention of my colleagues, but this time it did not care about the problem of image. I put one foot on the chair, grabbed the woman by the collar with one hand, and shouted at her with the most ferocious expression. A ringing phone broke the silence and everyone's eyes were focused on me. A colleague picked up the phone and looked dignified, saying, "Yes, yes, I know.." After hanging up the phone, he turned around and said to everyone: "The river has overflowed the levee. The residents of Xinhua District need to be moved urgently. We are ordered to maintain order immediately and help the residents move." The situation finally became like this, and everyone started to act cleanly. I looked at the woman with misty eyes and realized that now was not the time to solve this matter: "If your family lives in a low-lying area, you'd better inform your family to prepare for evacuation now.". Your child can certainly be found, when the flood recedes, I help you find, I swear with the reputation of the criminal police! Now hurry home. I don't want this natural disaster to cause casualties. I followed my colleagues out the door and saw the woman come out. She was standing in the yard in the rain with her head up, and as our car drove out the door, we heard her shouting, "Don't rain!"! Don't rain! I don't want to do this. If I hurt someone,faux ficus tree, my sin will be great. Don't rain any more. Lunatic Everyone in the carriage thought so. At the sound of a madman crying, our car drove to the area where residents needed to be transferred, and everyone's heart seemed to be blocked by something-even the madman knew that the rain could not fall any more. 
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