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Biographie The cloud kills the day to be very satisfied, hugs falls the feather the waist, the sleeve robe toward Jiaxuan Mo Yan to brush. He saw a flash of purple light on Jiaxuan Moyan's body in the dim light of night, and the faint black gas immediately disappeared from his body. The cloud killed the sky and hugged the fallen feather and walked toward the night. The dim light of night is graceful and restrained, the moonlight is extremely lingering, and comes from far away. So you're engaged? "What else do you want?" "Can it be destroyed?" "Yes." "Ah.." "Death is destruction." The summer night breeze is light, the voice of conversation is far away, and warmth and hegemony coexist. The accompanying figure has long gone away, leaving behind a group of stiff people. In the silence, Li Xuan, who was rolling on the ground, suddenly said to Jiaxuan Moyan, "Didn't you say you wanted to marry and torture him to the end?"? Why did you let her go? Jiaxuan Mo Yan, who had been restrained by Jiaxuan Li, was stunned. Yeah, he didn't decide to do that a long time ago. Today, the lard is blinded, too angry and forgotten. Damn, Jiaxuan Mo Yan regret, he should not repent marriage, destroyed on the release of the feather free. His face, the inside,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, everything can't be recovered. My father didn't say yes. It's not up to them. Jiaxuan Moyan had a flash of inspiration in his mind and looked at Yan Lie and others. As soon as the words came out, the Fenglin Leaf King, the Haozang King, and Yan Lie on the side looked at each other and began to freak out. Chapter 334: We Are Engaged 11 Midsummer, this is really a season that is easy to be irritable. The hermit clan diverted the tiger away from the mountain. Instead of leading away the falling feather, they led the cloud to kill the sky and engaged to the falling feather. This was really unexpected to them. Also because of this recklessness, the plan to divert the tiger away from the mountain can no longer be implemented. Fallen feather and cloud kill day at any time together, there is no way to draw out the fallen feather alone, so that the hermit people almost anxious white hair. The wind is light and the weather is fine. The cloud kills the day and falls the feather to be engaged,ultrasonic dispersion machine, lets the collection information return Yan Lin, Yan Chen, Yan Fei, and so on people are very shocked. The strange look at Luoyu made Luoyu's head as big as a bucket. On the contrary, Luoyu thought it would cause a sensation when it came to the identity of the cloud killing the sky, King Haozang, King Fenglin Ye, and Yan Lie all kept eerily quiet. Not a trace of wind has flowed out to the outside world. She didn't expect it. However, three people's attitude change, simply to the point of flattery, dare not find the cloud to kill the sky to curry favor with, catch her to curry favor with, let her hair stand on end, avoid like snakes and scorpions. The fiance is too powerful, and it's not a good thing. It's really annoying. In such a sweet and irritable day. The final day of the three countries' exchanges is coming. As expected, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, her opponent, Leng Wugui, was the hermit. Another player who entered the top three was seriously injured in the competition with his opponent and was unable to fight again. The first and second place of the three-country exchange conference will be decided by Luoyu and Leng Wugui. This day, the sky is faint, there is a trace of darkness. The sun was low and the clouds were a little thick, giving people a very depressing feeling. On the scene of the competition of the Three Kingdoms Exchange Conference, there was already a sea of people around the arena. No noise, no noise, quiet, everyone is quietly looking at the ring has been standing on the feather and Leng Wugui. The cold breath in the ring has been suppressed sharply before the start of the game. No one can be mistaken about how intense the last game will be at the beginning. The wind blew gently, blowing the pale green skirt of the fallen feathers, cold and full of chill. Under the ring, the cloud killed the sky, dressed in light black, with his hands in his sleeves, gazing at the falling feathers, motionless as a mountain. When the wind blows, the golden bell roars. Chapter 335: Barbecue Human Meat 1. The final of the Trilateral Exchange Conference begins. The golden bell was roaring in the sky, and the two people in the ring were already moving in the wind and clouds. The hermit was cold and did not return, and at this time he no longer hid his identity and means. As soon as his figure was displayed in the ring, the hazy black gas surrounded him, and his figure was so faint that it looked as if there was little smoke. If it weren't for broad daylight, it would look like a ghost. All the people around the ring below were surprised. What kind of posture is this? And with the cold no return of the opposite of the feather, see this face flashed a sneer, at the foot of a slight slip, the body has been unfolded. Ethereal and strange. It's like a butterfly flying in the ring. The pace, posture and transition are quite smooth, but it is as incredible as a butterfly flying in the air. Mingming looked at the foot in front of the falling feather and stepped on the left front.
However, when she stepped on it, she was already standing in the right front. A moment ago, the falling feather was retreating. But when her footsteps were implemented, she had already turned in front of the ring. As soon as this figure was displayed, all the people under the ring were surprised. What kind of Kung Fu is this? How so incredible. As soon as Luoyu's posture was displayed, not to mention the surprise of the people under the ring, even the Leng Wugui on the ring was surprised. The posture of their hermit clan is absolutely superior to that of the mainland of Sichuan. Although, he is just a small member of the small branch hall of the hermit clan, Haozang and Fenglin. However, he has absolute confidence in their posture. But now, falling feather this posture can spell strange with him unexpectedly, this. In the surprise of Leng Wugui, Luoyu stepped out, and the man was already standing in front of him, with five fingers like hooks and one claw tearing at him. The surprised Leng Wugui immediately came to his senses and hurriedly twisted his body to avoid it. Ghosts. Yeah, incredible. Leng Wugui and Luoyu in the ring opened the prelude of the final. What kind of posture is this? Standing at the foot of the ring, Yan Lin, who was beside the cloud killing the sky, held his chest in both hands and looked at the falling feathers in the battle, with his eyes lightly raised. How can this falling feather always surprise people. The previous scene is the mysterious move of overcoming hardness with softness. Chapter 336: Barbecue Human Meat 2. And this one, as soon as it comes up, this mysterious posture can actually compete with the posture of the hermit clan. How many surprises does this man have? I don't know. The cloud killed the day to look at the ring on the falling feather,ultrasonic spray nozzle, for the first time gave Yan Lin an answer. Looking at the falling feathers on the ring, the cloud also flashed a trace of surprise in his eyes. Unexpectedly can match with the body of the hermit, at present it seems that it is not a loss. 
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