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Jennifer flew halfway and suddenly turned into a dragon shape with huge wings but the smoke firmly enveloped the whole ship motionless she leaned forward with the dragon's unique enhanced skin to test God damn it! It's not fog at all! In the black fog what is suspended is not the small droplets condensed by the water element but the black iron filings the size of a needle! And in this scrap iron there is also a wet feeling-the peak of the metal system has begun to fuse the second element water! This is a higher level than his father! Before the war it was called the peak of the ninth level Today after the war this is the realm of the tenth level title Dou Shen! So much for Jennifer's thinking! Blue sea blue sky black fog shrouded beside the golden ship a dragon tried to hit the ship but the black fog Minerals & Metallurgy slightly huff and puff the dragon wailed wings reversed and fell into the sea! It seems that even if he is not dead he has completely lost consciousness! "Sister!" Betty and Linda who were on the way were shocked! Du Chen's faint voice came out of the black fog and the golden boat "Look under the Dragon God I'll keep her alive!"! Tell Your Majesty the Dragon God that I Archbishop Francis in White of the Holy See will pay a visit to Your Majesty at a later date! With that Du Chen handed the bone a look of approval and lowered his head to meditate When this sentence comes the Dragon God will know that Francis has a master who is not inferior to the Holy Dragon Moreover he calls himself the Archbishop in White which means that the Pope is also his supporter So if you want to move him think more about it first And Mars will also tell the Pope what has just happened so the Pope will know that Francis has a Roland level master and the relationship with the dragons is very unfriendly we have a common enemy can cooperate! Besides I call myself the Archbishop in White but I am saying that I am willing to accept your rule at least on the surface and that I am obedient and useful These three sisters really come at the right time! Du Chen smiled and asked Mars "When will His Holiness summon me" It's not enough to be useful Pope we have to talk more deeply! Chapter 271 of the main text the appointment of the five wars the storyteller Marth Silvermoon Island as its name implies seems to be named in relation to the moon in the night sky But in fact the geographical shape of the island is very similar to its name Out of tune! Looking down from high altitude Silvermoon Island is not only the shape of a full moon but also a large island with one side straight and one side jagged This shape makes it more like a serrated broadsword than a crescent moon In the center of the Sawtooth Island is a towering forest with an area of more than ten miles The shortest of the trees here is the height of the golden Beamon on the Macallan Prairie while the tallest is like the legendary Titan looking down on the earth In the middle of the forest there is a pool of spring water from the ground which sprays into a small lake nearby called Moon Lake which is also one of the most magical wonders of the three continents China Manufacturers When night falls no matter whether the moon is always in the night sky or not it always reflects a silver moon in its slight waves This is the origin of the name of Silvermoon Island! With Moon Lake as the boundary the north of Silver Moon Island is the camp of the Dragon Clan and now Du Chen is coming to the camp of the Holy See in the south of Moon Lake In the big camp dominated by gold and silver Mars took Du Chen to a tent with a golden roof which was about the same height as the dwarf trees in the Tianmu forest He pointed to the'mobile palace 'in front of him and said with a smile "Brother wait a minute Your Majesty is meeting those old demons" Meeting with the angels! There were at least a thousand people gathered in the nearby camp but it was so quiet that people could hear the clear birdsong in the forest The branches and leaves of Tianmu Forest blocked the sunshine but the camp was bright and the golden fog was slowly rising from the ground Enveloped the entire camp Being in such a sacred and secret environment Marth's mouth was much cleaner
Du Chen followed Marth to a small tent next to the'Mobile Palace 'He handed little Beibei to the boner and said with a smile "Boss Marth it's still early Tell me in detail how far the situation has developed" Mention it! Our Holy See has died unjustly! Mars sat cross-legged opposite Du Chen and said angrily "Half a year ago the godfather of the Diocese of Yaqin sent a report to the Pope" Said he had found traces of Constantine in the territory Energy of Yachin and the unfortunate old boy thought This may be an opportunity for the Dragon Clan to owe His Majesty a favor so they gathered the masters of Yaqin Parish to round up Constantine At the same time please send reinforcements! Mars picked up a wine jar bigger than his head from the side table and poured it down but there was no trace of alcohol-during the war it was forbidden to drink only water! And guess what The old boy really met a sacred metal dragon which was not human at that time but looked like Constantine's dragon-shaped state! The two sides immediately started fighting Damn it Godfather Yaqin that old boy is unlucky When he died in battle he not only lost his life As a result Constantine ran away Do you think he was wronged Pow! Marth broke the wine jar and groaned angrily But before long the Dragon Clan came to find fault and said that the Pope had caught Constantine and asked His Majesty to hand him over If he couldn't hand him over he would go to war! "Is there something wrong!" Du Chen frowned and said to himself Who says it isn't I Mars am a boor but I can see that this is not right! His Holiness has spent a lot of money to find out but he hasn't found a single thing! Mars stood up akimbo pointed to the north and shouted "Did those winged reptiles eat too much shit and fill their brains with shit"! They insisted that Your Majesty was protecting Constantine "Wait a minute The Dragon God accuses the Pope of a war between two gods This is a big thing What evidence does the Dragon God have that his duty is to protect Constantine" Du Chen said thoughtfully "With the identity of the Dragon God it is impossible to do something without a certificate" "Evidence" Evidence my ass! Marth cursed "The Dragon God said that a sacred reptile was brought into the church by several classrooms after seeing Constantine injured It was the Cathedral of Nano Light!" 。 
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