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Biographie The teacher of Huo Yin is the master of Yungu, Lu Changtian. She originally preferred Huo to go to Changyang, but at that time he was depressed and had no intention of foreign affairs at all, so the job was given to Xu Suyan. Changyang is closer. It's only less than a month's journey. Yu Meiyuan went to the well and shook the wheel to carry the water. Seeing this, Huo was busy helping her, and they worked together to carry out a bucket of water. You want to go to Changyang. "He carried the water and poured it into the wooden basin at his feet according to her signal." You wash the vegetables. She is not polite, while ordering him to work, while saying, "Well, I do not know when he will return to Yungu, I always wait is not the way, it is better to find him.". Besides, I've been in Cloud Valley for a long time, and I should go out for a walk. From the day he left the mansion, Yu Meiyuan did not intend to live in one place for a long time. This time, he stayed in Yungu for half a year and was close to the limit. You're not going to settle down in Cloud Valley? Hearing the implication of her words, Huo Yin was startled and lifted his hand out of the water, with a few vegetable leaves stuck to the back of his hand and wet cuffs. Yu Meiyuan squatted in front of the wooden chopping board on the side and chopped off the old leaves and stalks. He turned his head and looked at them. Then he patted off the broken vegetables on his hands and reached out to roll up his sleeves. Not going to. She shook her head,nail manufacturing machine, and since she could not be satisfied with the world, she would go all over the world. Huo Yin is silent. Yu Meiyuan had already pulled the chopped vegetables into a big basin, mixed them with two handfuls of bran, and then took them to the chicken house and put them down. The chickens swimming nearby rushed to peck at them. She took this opportunity to explore the chicken house and touched a few eggs. Xiao Huo, I said I would stay for dinner yesterday, but I fell down. You can stay for dinner tonight and then go. The chickens I raise,wire nail machine manufacturers, the eggs I lay and the vegetables I grow are better than those outside. She said and put the eggs away and went to pick the chicken again. Huo Yin looked at it foolishly. He had seen her proud appearance, and had seen her willfulness and domineering. In his memory, she was always bright and beautiful, but she had never been so close and peaceful as she was now. She was like a daughter-in-law who did housework, busy inside and outside, and kept the happiness of the secular world. Little Huo? She had already picked out the chicken and quickly tucked in the chicken's wings to carry it out, but she saw Huo Yin's stunned appearance. I got a feather on my head. Huo Yin came to his senses and reached out to stroke her hair, trying to pull out the chicken feathers. Yu Meiyuan tilted his head to avoid his hand, lowered his head to the side, and the chicken feathers fell by themselves. Huo Yin's hand was slightly stiff. If it was Huo Zheng, she wouldn't avoid it, would she? "Wu Ya, kill the chicken for me, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Coil nail machine, ask Brother Six to stew a soup, and let him keep two good elbows." Yu Meiyuan was already shouting in the courtyard, and his voice was very loud. Wu Ya came over to pick up the chicken and answered. You go to Cheng Xiu to buy two pieces of tofu, steam the sausage together, and then go to Grandma Li's house to ask for some honey. We'll make honey egg custard in the evening. Yu Meiyuan ordered to put the eggs and washed vegetables into the basket, and then turned around and asked Huo Yin, "You just said you had something to say to me." "There's a rumor in the capital that something happened to you, and I thought you." What's going on here? He asked her. Why do you also pay attention to things in Beijing in Yungu? Yu Meiyuan clapped his hands and smiled. "If you don't want to stay in Beijing, just think of a way to come out. It's not easy to walk under the name of the four girls of the Yu family, so just let her die." Why don't you want to stay in Beijing? Aren't you fine in Yu Fu? Huo Yin felt pain when he heard the word "death". He had experienced the hardships of leaving home and walking alone in Jianghu, but it was not comfortable. She was a girl, but she took this step. I don't know what she has experienced all the way to this day. In the past, when she said she wanted to leave Yu Fu and make her way in Jianghu, he thought it was just a joke, but he didn't think it was true. Your news is very good. Even I know whether I'm in Yu Fu or not. Yu Meiyuan joked, "There is no special reason, but Zhaojing has no reason for me to stay." "No?"? That Huo Zheng. As soon as Huo introduced her to hear the name, he said, "Yesterday when you were drunk, you said you missed him." "It's just an old friend. I won't see him again in my life. Don't mention him." Yu Meiyuan said lightly and walked out quickly. No matter how much you miss me, it will fade away after a long time. yuan. I am Huo Yin's heart was stabbed, and the words that had rushed to his throat were about to be blurted out. Si Niang! Cheng Xiu rushed in from the outside. Xiuxiu? Yu Meiyuan said strangely.
Cheng Xiu went to her side. Without saying a word, he took her hand and stood in front of Huo Yin. He looked up at him carefully. "Are you really Huo Yin in Yungu?" "True or false!" "Huo Yin lightly jawled his head and swallowed only the previous words." That's good. You both come with me. Cheng Xiu immediately took Yu Meiyuan's hand and ran out. Xiuxiu, where are you going? Yu Meiyuan asked her. You forgot that the girl of the Chou family got married today and invited us to watch the ceremony! Cheng Xiu hit her with an elbow and replied. I really forgot. I promised to give her two jars of wine when she got married. Wait a minute. I'll get it. "Don't take it. She's married to the big hero of the town. She's been showing off for a long time.". When we get married today, the running water banquet is set up all over the street. You think people want your wine. Cheng Xiu said with jealousy. Then why did you call him? Yu Meiyuan turned his head and looked at Huo Yin. Huo Yin was following behind the two men and did not know why. Hey, hey. Cheng Xiu said nothing, but smiled maliciously. Zhou Yueyin, the maid of the Zhou family, married Lu Xin, the most famous hero in Yungu Town. This matter has made Zhou Yueyin and her mother happy for a long time, and Zhou's mother even praised her future son-in-law's ability to meet people. By the way, she hurt Cheng Xiu and Yu Meiyuan in front of people, satirizing that they couldn't get married. Cheng Xiu and Yu Meiyuan are two of the few unmarried girls in the town. Yu Meiyuan has only been in Yungu for half a year, but she doesn't feel anything, but Cheng Xiu is a native of Yungu. She grew up with Zhou Yueyin. Now Zhou Yueyin has married a good family, but she hasn't settled down yet. She has been ridiculed again. How can she be willing to give up. Yu Meiyuan's face was as black as carbon. When she and Huo led to Lu Xin's home, Cheng Xiu's big mouth had already publicized their "engagement". It turned out to be just a rumor, so it was good that the rumor became a "fact". " Dog son big wedding, unexpectedly can get Huo Daxia to come personally, is really three lives lucky,Coil Nail Making Machine, three lives lucky! Master Huo, please sit down. Now that you're here, you can't go back without a good drink. Lu Xin's father pulled Huo to the main table. 
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