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Biographie The Buddha-like daily life of the Great Demon King

The demon puppet shrouded in a huge black robe had only a rough outline the hood covered most of his face and the rest was filled with black fog which was impossible to guess Ten thousand eyes turned over the memory but also can not remember the endless abyss when such an extraordinary ability of the demon But this is not important more than that even the other side is out of what purpose to give him a plan is not important Wanmu is very confident of his own strength this world he can not provoke only that pair of dog men and women So he finally accepted the advice of the black-robed demon and began to lay out in this world After that period of time the black-robed demon appeared several times each time to a certain extent to give help to ten thousand eyes law array puppet These things which Wan Mu did not write and was not good at all came from Organic Chemicals the hands of the demon "The black robe" From the words of ten thousand eyes day and night seized a key word his mouth read these words in a low voice his face expression finally had a slight change that pair of beautiful phoenix eyes slightly narrowed thoughtfully The other people present were also slightly stunned Not surprisingly this black-robed demon as they know should be the same and most likely the manipulator behind this series of things Round and round there seems to be a thread in the dark that leads them here Where is that dog thing Yu Heng asked with a faint trace of displeasure in his voice The blood-red eyes turned to look at her with an indescribable sense of respect resentment fear accident In the end it was just three simple words "I don't know" And even if he knew he would not say not to hide it for the demon but simply unwilling Day and night have always known that these big demons covet that position but his attention has always been on the jade body and they have not been too overstepping behavior so they can always live in peace And what he did this time was a desperate attempt with only two outcomes success or failure If the former he will be able to replace the day and night become the new Lord of the abyss if the latter You will pay a heavy price Thousands of years have passed the strength of Wanmu has been improved at the same time it has finally determined the place to sleep day and night After a long period of preparation he began to act The process was very smooth even without any twists and turns However in any case I did not expect that I would meet here in the morning and evening No to be more precise it is a ray of consciousness of the morning and evening and what is worse is that the morning and evening are not here alone there is jade beside them Because of a change of appearance coupled with some other factors ten thousand eyes and failed to recognize Gu Tiantian is jade until later his puppet reported found the traces of the day and night ten thousand eyes were suspicious and then to recognize the jade Speaking of the action time that ten thousand eyes predict China Chemicals Suppliers actually even later but because recognized jade the heart has uneasiness fear late change this just advanced the time Unfortunately after all it is too late But at this point Wanmu has no choice Even if he is willing to give up and admit his mistake it is impossible to let him go He can only let go Although the chance is slim it is better than being captured "Morning and evening go to hell!" Ten thousand eyes roared and then all over the body in all the eyes Qi Qi shot out a blood-red beam of light hit the position of the morning and evening His eyes big and small are too numerous to count even if one eye has only one red beam of light the total number is very frightening that kind of feeling as if the next moment will usher in ten thousand arrows through the heart For them even if it is a ray of consciousness it is a powerful and unrivaled existence but for Wanmu the real threat is only in the body So only a few of his attacks fell on the side of the crowd and more of them gathered in the other direction where the cave was located where there was a huge skeleton guarding the throne of bones where the body of the day and night was sleeping Incomparably powerful and horrible breath spread from the body of ten thousand eyes filling the space in an instant like a needle puncturing a balloon easily penetrating the boundary under the scarlet cloth and invading
Although this breath finally did not really touch the boundary of the scarlet color and others almost in the moment of penetrating the boundary was Yuheng re-laid the magic boundary to the solid block in the outside but in that short moment scarlet color they still felt that kind of fear Scarlet and white with nearly a thousand years of cultivation still feel difficult to resist not to mention Jiang Qingtian and Feng Chu two ordinary people of pure blood as if trapped in the killing of Shura hell shrouded by the shadow Organic Solvents of death wandering on the edge of life and death An unforgettable experience! Two people have not been able to recover for a long time eyes because of panic stare to the extreme cold sweat wet the hair in front of the forehead gasping Scarlet color and white there are nine lives repair is still high difficult to recover after making sure that the attack of ten thousand eyes can not break through the magic boundary of Yuheng cloth then subconsciously look at the other side of the cave This process seems to be very long but in fact it takes only a few breaths and the attack launched by ten thousand eyes those blood-red beams has attacked dozens of rounds However over the cave there seemed to be an invisible barrier blocking all the attacks of ten thousand eyes No it's more accurate to say that the blood-red beam of light is like a drop of water falling into the sea Scarlet could not imagine the battle between these great demons but instinctively felt that there seemed to be something wrong with it Out of the corner of his eye he looked at Yuheng and Chaoxi beside him the former frowning slightly looking as if there were some Accident The expression of the latter on the other hand returned to its usual calm Scarlet could not see anything so he turned his attention back to Wanmu This big eye a body of eyes big and small dense do not know what the shape is can not distinguish between the head and the body or there is no such concept it is impossible to see anything from his'face ' 
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