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Biographie At the thought of this, Xu Gefei's heart was as depressed as if he had suddenly pressed a piece of lead, and at the same time he secretly complained about Fat Maitreya. Mouth. Thought, suppose fat Maitreya did not say, and he did not know how good it would be! Although I thought so in my heart. But the foot is already anxious. Anxious to follow the past. Arriving at the door of the kitchen, Xueyan was about to raise her hand to push the door when she suddenly glanced at Xu Gefei and asked softly with deep concern, "You?" Have you eaten yet? When Xu Gefei heard this, a warm current suddenly rose in his heart. He felt that relatives were relatives. No matter what mistakes you made, You will be forgiven, and you will not remember it. The warm current rising from his heart made him look at Xueyan with gratitude and nod. As soon as Xueyan saw Xu Gefei nodding, she immediately asked with concern, "Where did you eat?" Xu Gefei hurriedly raised his hand and pointed to the kitchen door. "Just eat in the kitchen!" He said. Snow swallow son a listen, Jiao dimple suddenly red, at the same time some uneasy tunnel: "Today there is no food, cooking is not good..." Before he had finished speaking, he pushed the door and went into the kitchen. Xu Gefei followed up and said hurriedly, "Very good, very good, very delicious!" Snow swallow son listens, a burst of sweetness rises to the heart, can not help blushing Jiao dimple bowed his head and smiled. Xu Gefei couldn't help asking with concern, "Did you cook all the dishes?" Snow swallow took a casserole on the kitchen shelf and nodded with a smile. As soon as Xu Gefei saw it, he said unconsciously, "I thought it was cooked by Shizu!" As she spoke, Xueyan had put the casserole on a small stove and took out a package of things in a wooden box in the corner of the room. It's the ginseng to be boiled. When Xueyan listened to Xu Gefei's words,hot tub manufacturers, her expression suddenly froze. Then Dai Mei frowned and asked, "Don't you know all these years?" Am I serving Grandpa? Xu Gefei did not meditate and immediately said, "The day before yesterday, when I met Sister Chu's two maids, Xiao Dong and Xiao Ji, they mentioned it." You, afterwards, because the two of them were involved in the fraud, I thought they were fabricated! Snow swallow son obedient, the happy look on the dimple has long disappeared,garden jacuzzi tub, but she did not forget to open the bag, take out the ginseng, rush! Water raises fire. After listening to Xu Gefei's words, he immediately gave a cry of indifference. As he added firewood to the small kitchen, he asked, "Shibo and Auntie." Haven't you ever faded? Xu Gefei knew that Xue Yaner was referring to their engagement. By this time, he had to tell the truth: "If not." What is the reason for the two old people? They forgot to tell me that for seven or eight months two years ago, they were on guard against seeking revenge in the Devil's Cave all day. It is true that he is in a constant state of anxiety, hiding here and there. It can be said that he is restless in sleep and does not know the taste of food. As a result, alas! Two old people , It's still hard to escape the evil hand of Yao Hentian! In the end, his voice was not only sad and indignant, but also gnashing his teeth. Xueyan son looked at this situation, naturally inconvenient to continue to ask, and she also heard, Shibo Xu Shuangting couple, and did not. Tell Xu Gefei about her marriage to Xu Gefei. Looking back at the time when she knew about this, it was also Xu Gefei who killed the God of poverty with an iron staff in the northwest mountainous area, whirlpool hot tub spa ,outdoor endless pool, which caused a sensation throughout the country. When carrying the lake. Think about it, she Xueyaner has not mentioned a word in the first few years since she followed her grandfather to learn the art, there must be a reason. When she heard her grandfather say that she had been betrothed to Xu Gefei for life, she was so surprised that she could hardly believe her ears. She couldn't believe that she, a poor girl, would marry a husband with such excellent martial arts! However, she was sure that it was true, because her grandfather, who loved her most, had always been meticulous in his words, and he would never deceive her. Lie to her! Since then, she has been expecting her fiance Xu Gefei to come every day, and every time she fantasizes about the sweetness of Xu Gefei's coming. Days. When she thought of her fiance Xu Gefei, she would be so excited that she couldn't sleep all night. Even if you fall asleep in a trance, there will be one. A beautiful dream until I open my eyes at dawn. Her fiance, whom she had been longing for day and night, finally met. But the first time we met was when he was poisoned. He stretched out his arms and hugged her tied to him.
Thinking of the scene at that time, she was really ashamed, anxious and angry. Fortunately, he was her fiance, otherwise, she really had no place to be. Rong, I am ashamed of him, Xu Gefei. At the thought of what had happened to Xu Gefei at Chu Jinju's home, he couldn't help asking with concern, "Why were you lured to Sister Chu's home by them?" In it? Such a question hit Xu Gefei's question, so instead of answering it, he asked, "I was just about to ask you." How did you get caught by the gangsters of Bai Junfeng? When Xueyan saw the question, she did not answer and asked, "Didn't Sister Chu Jinju tell you?" "She's just come back, too," said Xu Gefei. "I know," said Xueyan. "I mean, didn't Sister Chu ask about her two maids?" Xu Gefei immediately said, "Before she could ask, the two maids tried to fly up to the roof to escape.." The snow swallow, who lowered her head and slowly added firewood to the stove, was startled at the sound. Look up at once ask: "Did those two wenches escape?" Xu Gefei immediately said, "At that time, I was gradually conscious. How could I let the two of them escape? At that time, I immediately snapped my fingers at them." The two men bounced off the roof. "Are you all dead?" Xueyaner asked with some frustration. Hearing this, Xu Gefei frowned and asked, "What's the matter?"? You mean you shouldn't have killed both of them? ?” "Of course they should be killed, but I think that's too cheap for them," said Xueyaner with a straight face. Xu Gefei was startled and asked, "What's the matter?"? Did you suffer from both of them? When Xueyaner was asked, she could not help saying with shame, anger and chagrin, "I felt that some situations were unreasonable at that time, and I had already got up." Doubts, but unexpectedly, they have done something in the tea! When Xu Gefei heard this, he couldn't help blurting out, "I also drank their tea before I fainted. Since you had doubts at that time, Why do you want to drink it? Xueyan said with chagrin,China spa factory, "I was really thirsty at that time, and the two of them treated me kindly.." Xu Gefei moved in his heart and asked, "The two of them?"? Where are Lao Delu and Niu Sister-in-law? ?” 。 
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